DIY Modern Litter Box Hider (IKEA Hack)

I’ve gotten a few emails now asking what my cat box situation is.  I haven’t put my cat box on my blog because I built it way back in 2008 and honestly didn’t even think about it as a post.  I just realized this cat box has lasted 4 years with 3 cats, moved house with us twice now and still looks great!  I think that warrants a post, given that it’s held up so well.  

The back story: My husband and I had moved into a small house that had really no good place to put a litter box.  There was a little alcove in a hallway, though, that was a perfect place for a cabinet to live.  That gave me the idea to put the litter box inside a cabinet, so I searched the internet looking for one.  My Googling led me to 2 things, cabinets that were butt-ugly, or waaaaay too pricey.  I decided to make my own.

So I went to IKEA and bought a top cabinet, turned it on its side and added casters.  The casters make cleaning up the litter that inevitably gets kicked out a breeze.  The top cabinets already have a hole on one side, perfect for the cats to climb in, and no sawing required.  Back then I didn’t have access to the shop that I do now, so something pre-cut and ready  to assemble was key.  To disguise the cabinet even more, I took a page (literally) out of Todd Oldham’s book and decorated it with wood grain contact paper.  The whole thing cost less than 150 bucks.

No one ever notices that there’s a litter box in here.

Side view:

Top view: Litter box, scooper and bags, mat to get the majority of litter off their paws.