How Was Your Summer?

Summer is over.  BOOOOO.  I had a very productive summer, though.  I took the summer session at El Camino College and built out my entire patio.

So let’s go through the projects, one by one.

Remember when I said I was going to build these? Well, I did.  And I planted a bunch of herbs, most of which are growing like gangbusters.  Some have been eaten by evil caterpillars.  I like my color choices much, much better, don’t you?  Here’s a comparison:

I built all 18 planter boxes in one class.

After that, I built some garden beds that ended up getting featured on Instructables.  Here’s what they look like now, painted and with growing veggies.  I used the leftover paint from my TV stand project.

With leftover scrap, I built a mini version for the cats.

I saw this project online and knew that’s what I wanted for my blueberry bush.  So I made it out of free wood from the scrapyard and painted it with leftover paint from the planter boxes.

Got a table and chairs from cb2 and tied it all together with a chartreuse outdoor rug!