Monogrammed Cherry Box

I gave my husband a loose lid box I turned in my woodturning class and he took it to work and put it on his desk.  One of his coworkers saw it and requested a stash box for her boyfriend’s Christmas pressie.  She wanted kind of a cigar box look.  I had never done box joints before and had a couple days left in the semester, so I said sure.

I got a nice piece of cherry from House of Hardwood and got to work.  I had to fill in some gaps a bit with wood filler, but you can’t really see it.

I rabbeted the top on the table saw so it sits nicely in the box; not too tight, not too loose.

Before finishing it, I had it laser etched at KnowHow Shop by Manny at 2nd Wnd.

I finished it with 4 coats of Tung Oil.  I hope the new owner enjoys it!