Wooden Baby Spoons

My friend Melanie’s baby turned 1 year old last weekend, so I decided to make her a couple wooden spoons.  She’s starting to use utensils now and since Melanie and I took that Utensil Making Class together at Knowhow Shop, I thought it would be the perfect gift.

First I went to Babies R Us to buy some baby spoons as a template, since I know nothing.  That was a nightmare.  I drew out what I needed on a pieces of Maple amd Cherry and headed over to Knowhow Shop, where they milled out some spoon bowls for me.  Then I took them to school and cut out the rough shape on the band saw and then sanded on the belt sander.   After that was a couple hours of hand sanding.  I tried to get Adrian to help me sand, he lasted about 7 minutes.  I think they turned out pretty great!