Do I need special tools to transfer the cremains to my urn? Do I have to touch the cremains?

No tools required. The top and bottom of the urn are held together by very strong rare earth magnets. A muslin bag is included with each urn. The crematory or funeral home will return the cremains to you in a plastic bag. We recommend that you simply put that plastic bag into the muslin bag, and then place it in your Planturn.

Will watering the plant affect the wood?

Each cremation urn comes with a ceramic or glass cup in which to hold the plant. Water should not come in contact with the wood at any time. We recommend using a succulent or cactus in your urn, as they do not need much watering or care. 

Do I need to take the top off of the Planturn to water or replace the plant? 

No need to ever take the top off of your cremation urn once you have placed the cremains inside.  Each cremation urn comes with a removable ceramic or glass cup in which to hold the plant. Exception to this are urns that feature a cork top, in which case you can put the plant directly in the cork.

What happens if the urn gets knocked over? 

The top and bottom of the cremation urn are held together by very strong rare earth magnets, so the urn should stay together if it is to be knocked over on a shelf. We recommend that you keep the cremains in the muslin bag in the bottom of the urn, in case it gets knocked off a shelf to the ground. 

Can I put my urn outside?

Planturns are best placed inside.

Do I have to polish the wood? What is the upkeep?

Your urn will be finished with a natural zero or low VOC finish. Even though it is a natural finish, it is very durable and should not need any upkeep apart from the occasional dusting with a clean dry cloth. Your urn should not come in prolonged contact with water. Do not use sanitizer on your urn, as it may act as a solvent, and damage the finish.

Can I get my urn engraved?

We don't do engraving, but some clients have taken their urns to a laser etcher after they received their urn. we can include a sample piece of wood at no additional cost if the laser technician requires a test piece, simply put your request in the "Special Instructions" box at checkout.

What if I get the wrong size urn?

We recommend you look closely at the dimensions pictured to make sure you get the size you need. Most of the Planturns are made to order and therefore we are unable to accept returns. If you need additional assistance, you can email cc@boycestudio.com with any questions.