Our story

Boyce Studio is the originator of  Planturns: modern minimal, handmade urns that double as sculptural decorative planters. In 2018, Designer C.C. Boyce turned a custom order into a never-before-seen type of cremation urn. Cremains are housed in the bottom of the urn and a plant sits on top, creating a living element to complement your keepsake. All urns are expertly made by hand using sustainable, local materials. 


I have been looking for the “right” memorial for our dog for several years. I finally found C.C.’s creations and they were just the pieces of distinguished décor I’d hoped to find. The planturn is extremely well-crafted and I’m so glad to give our pet the display she deserves!

Jason S.

I was looking for something that did not look like an Urn. As a creative person myself I wanted something very different and of high quality. And also have an earth type feel for my wife’s final resting place also be able to have it on an end table in my living room 100% fits the bill high-quality, super creative attention to detail. Could not ask for anything more.

Nick P.

CC worked with me to find the perfect wood that I felt best reflected my pups fur. The craftsmanship is mind boggling. The two pieces are kept together with hidden magnets so you don’t need to worry about the top easily coming off. Its gorgeous and makes me tear up every time I look at it.

Tisha S

Amidst the sadness of losing my kitties having this beautiful piece to keep their ashes in has been a source of calm and comfort. The experience interacting with C.C. has also been as easy and as positive as one can be. I am really grateful, every day, to have the urn being part of my home, at the same time attractive and unobtrusive. Serene.

Claudia S