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Modern Cremation Urns

No one enjoys the feeling of losing a loved one, and it is often beyond difficult to find a way to fill the hole your loved one left in your life. After seeing many of the cremation urns that are typically offered, whether they be ugly vases, large pots, or things that look like an old lady’s jewelry box, providing grieving families with better options was essential to helping them through the entire process.  

Rather than stick with typical designs seen across the internet and specialty shops, we decided to take a new path, designing and crafting modern cremation urns that stand the test of time. Most importantly,  these urns aren’t ugly or remind you of anything you would find in an antique store. Not only are our modern urns for ashes given updated styling with the many varieties of wood to choose from, they also come with an integrated plant as an additional design feature. We want to help show that from every bad thing that happens in life, there is always a bright side to look forward to. 

If you’re interested in the various modern cremation urns we design, craft, and sell at Boyce Studio, you can browse the various products we currently have for sale. If you would like more information about the building process, materials used, how to select the right size, or if you have any other questions, get in touch with us today.