January 02, 2022

What Is Aquamation? Alkaline Hydrolysis Explained

What Is Aquamation? Alkaline Hydrolysis Explained

We here at Boyce Studio care about sustainability and support aquamation and cremation as more eco-friendly alternatives to burial. In fact, we partner with Resting Waters Aquamation facility in Seattle, where our urns have become increasingly popular.

Alkaline Hydrolysis, AKA Aquamation, Water Cremation, or Hydro Cremation is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation. You may not have heard about it yet, but it is becoming more and more accessible both for pets and for people.

Alkaline hydrolysis was actually patented in the US way back in 1888, and the process hasn’t changed much since then. (Though the equipment has been much improved). Simply put, the operator places the body into a large metal tank. Combined with water and lye, this method in essence speeds up the natural decomposition process. Aquamation produces a completely sterile solution of amino acids, small peptides, sugars, nutrients, and soap. It is then returned to the ecosystem via the normal wastewater treatment facility,

After the process is finished, the operator places the completely clean bones into a machine that prepares the remains for the family to take home. Aquamation produces 10-30% more cremains than flame cremation, and our urns are suitable for both.