I have good reason to tell you to buy a cremation urn right away.

Recently a friend of mine's mom passed away, and she and her siblings asked me to make companion urns for their mom and dad. (Their dad had passed away a few years prior.) I of course said yes. One problem: the sibling who had the dad's ashes couldn't find them. "Who would misplace ashes??" you may think to yourself. But it's way more common than you think!

This episode from My Favorite Murder illustrates just how life gets in the way sometimes: (story will be cued up, just press play) 

MFM Minisode 80

A quick Google search and you will see just how common lost cremains are. You may think that there is no way that you would not remember where you put the box of your loved one's cremains. Or that you would definitely remember moving them. Or that there is no way you could accidentally throw them out before buying a cremation urn to store the ashes. But lots of times the cremains are returned back to you in a nondescript cardboard box, and someone may think that they are just clutter and throw them away.

This post is not to scare you or shame you, but to illustrate that we are all human and life happens! Looking for a cremation urn is not a fun task, and one that you may want to put off. Totally understandable! But purchasing a Boyce Studio Planturn guarantees that your cremains will never be thrown away by mistake and you will always know that your loved one is close, and safe.