Before I started making wood cremation urns, I had not heard the term “Keepsake Urns”. What? there is more than one kind of urn? Yes! Basically, keepsake urns hold only a portion of someone’s cremated remains. This can happen for a variety of reasons.


Sometimes, more than one family member would like to have a part of the deceased kept close by. As cremation becomes more popular, it is very common for cremains to be divided up amongst family members. In this instance, family memeber all buy their own small urn. I have had lots of requests to make more than one urn for a family, which I think is a beautiful thing! And since all of the Boyce Studio cremation urns are made to order, you can request all of your urns to be made from the same piece of wood, making your urns “related”. No extra charge for this service, just send an email expressing your wishes.


Another instance of someone wanting a keepsake urn is when they intend to scatter most of the ashes, but want to save a small amount to keep. Or they have something else done with the bulk of the remains, like having them molded into stone shapes, as our friends at Parting Stone do.


Other times, families cannot decide on just one kind of memorial for their loved one. And that is great, I think everyone should be able to grieve and honor their loved one in their own way. Someone may want to plant a tree and bury the ashes near the tree. Some may want to scatter the ashes in a special shared place. Some people may not have room for a bigger urn, and want something more appropriate for their space. These are all great reasons to have a keepsake urn!

Boyce Studio has a few kinds of urns that can serve as keepsake urns. Our small urns hold up to 35 cubic inches of cremains, while the medium size holds up to 80 cubic inches.