Choosing a cremation urn can be a confusing and painful task. It’s hard enough looking for an urn that reflects your style, let alone thinking about what size you need. Read on to get recommendations of which of the Boyce Studio wood cremation urns are right for you and your needs. This article is meant to be a guide, ash volume can vary in different locations or with different cremation protocols. If you have questions or concerns after reading this guide, you can email and we are happy to offer further assistance.


If you are looking for a cremation urn for an adult, the large size urn is most likely right for you. It holds 180 cubic inches of cremains and comes in 2 finishes.

If you need a cremation urn for a child, the medium Planturn could work for you. The medium Planturns™ hold 80-90 cubic inches of cremains. Generally this can hold a pre-cremation weight of up to 80 pounds.

The medium Planturn™ also serves a purpose when dividing cremains among family members. If you are buying multiple urns for family keepsakes, email us to inquire about crafting the urns from the same piece of wood, ensuring their relationship.

The small size Planturn™ is suitable for infants. It can also be used as a memorial or keepsake urn, where most of the cremains are scattered, but a small amount is saved to be kept close.


Larger dogs under 80 pounds pre-cremation weight will generally fit into a medium Planturn™. Keep in mind, the process of aquamation yields 20-30% more cremains than traditional cremation. It is best to measure your ashes in cubic inches to make sure the medium is the right size.

Small size Planturns™ are suitable for smaller dogs or cats. The small hold 35 cubic inches, so generally any pet under 35 pounds pre-cremation weight will fit into the small size. The process of aquamation produces 20-30% more ashes, so if your pet was close to 30 pounds, measure their cremains in cubic inches to make sure the small size is large enough.

Hopefully this post was helpful in choosing the right urn for you and your family. Again, it is meant to be a guide only, ash volumes can vary. If you still have questions, you can send an email to